Don't have a date? Sexy linux using singles are waiting in space:

We're giving G+ the 21 gun salute. And then maybe make some progress in Borderlands 2

Listen to us bitch about programming languages, desktop environments and running out of ammunition.

It's time for another rousing episode of "Never Upgrade Arch Linux" with your host Truggleswick

Hot and heavy apolital discourse, here on the planet Pandora at 7:30

Does Borderlands 2 run on your distro? Come join the slap-fight at 7:30

Come join us at 7:30 for the conclusion of nerds dying alone in the dark!

Come join us at 7:30 to see if Sandy can make it through a session without killing another character

It's Canada and Australia vs the Fuzzy robots. Find out who wins at 7:30 EST

In which three humans and a robot play three humans and a different robot, trying to complete a game

Come view the consequences of Canadian cannabis legalization at 7:30

Tonight @7:30: Truggy reveals all about his seedy past, Sandy gives tips on talking to police. Also I guess we'll play a video game

What's the over under on me not falling off a cliff into a bottomless chasm this time? Find out at 7:30


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