Don't clip the master fader. That's it. The end. There is no magic number to mix to. Mix it so it sounds good without clipping the master fader. THAT'S IT.

comes to the browser! Steam prepares their cloud gaming service, GamerOS 18 adds support for Neo Geo, and why is killing native gaming.

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It's hard to implement floating-point operations so they are computed quickly and accurately.

The cool thing about programming, say, a quadratic equation solver, is that you're forced to actually learn the math.

You can make a StreamDeck use obs-websockets on but it's not pretty.

Neat thing about rescuing unloved interfaces and testing their compatibility is sometimes (just sometimes) you find a gem. Totes found a 💎.

Microsoft brings to , Serious Sam 4 pulls the penguin, EA open-sources Command & Conquer, and Anti-Cheat promises to be Linux compatible going forward.

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No matter how you feel about a car, there is a group of people who are, beyond all reason, madly in love with it.

The study of non-linear physics is like the study of non-elephant biology.

Aj-snapshot is a handy little tool for snapshotting & resorting Jack connections on .

DirectX (kinda) comes to ! PineTab opens for pre-orders, NVIDIA releases a NX class Jetson, and Ryzen powered Linux notebooks.

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