450-500Hz, that's where the roominess in dialogue tends to sit, traffic drone sits more around 400Hz. It's different all the time, so it way require some sweeping to find it.

Snek peek of the Magwell 11100 Quad HDMI review / install guide / OBS setup / fan hack is up for Patrons.


Humble brings back the sliders! Star Citizen teases powered penguins, is working on a new runtime, and Portal Reloaded & Grifflands make their debut.


It’s not possible to fix a bad mic with EQ. You can help it of course, and you do that with EQ, there are no shortcuts.

MuseGroup acquires the much beloved audio editor , 21.04 upgrades have been blocked for some users, open-source firmware for your IP security cams, and turbo charging the Amiga with a Raspberry Pi. All this plus your email.


One of the reasons I recommend recording your podcast with a DAW is the ability to go back and tweak things for the next recording.

Here I have a vocal segment on loop to dial in EQ & compression.

90% of EQ jobs can be handled with a 3band sweepable eq, and a high-pass filter

Regulations shouldn't be dependent on whether your platform is widely used or not widely used. Otherwise you're basically enshrining anticompetitve practices into law based on market strategy.

Wolfire Games files antitrust lawsuit against Valve, Raspberry Pi powered PS4/5 remote play with , poisons the cryptominer well, tips for X4 Foundations modding on , and cautionary tale about new releases and Proton.


Grogu's goto reaction when scared is to force choke whoever is scaring him.

Saying “You have no proof” in itself is an admission of guilt.

"I don’t think most people who listen to music, or at least very few have ever said “I love this track, especially the bit where the singer uses that really expensive mic pre…”


The resolution of 24 bits is enough to record atomic brownian motion.

When applying EQ abandon the concept of "properly" and focus on getting sh*t done.

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