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Epic cancels Linux support for ! Half-Life games go free to play, open-source using C++, and 5.0 takes the Proton approach. Notes&Podcast:

RIP Rocket Cars for & Mac. And no, it will not be officially supported via Proton because reasons.

Speaks volumes about the cross-platform abilities of Unreal Engine. Something to consider when picking an engine for your next game.

‘Brave Heart’ editions begin shipping! Wine gets a big 5.0 release, nopes the Amazon button, and powered laptops. All this plus your emails!

My handy(ish) guide for multi-track recording on with without the need for additional hardware.

is coming to Chrome OS! releases a beta driver for 1.2, bsnes HD brings widescreen to classic games, and the quickest way to get your gaming rig running .

The most amusing/chilling thing I've ever seen is C++ programs written by Java developers.

Played a bit of Tomb Raider 1 using OpenLara. Trying to use a gamepad was a decided misapplication of judgement.

KDE wants to become a safe haven for 7 refugees, doesn't want you using , hardware accelerated VP9 comes to Chromium, and a Pi powered luggable.

Show notes & Podcast:

Made a guide for extracting game assets from the Steam & version of Tomb Raider 1 under for use with OpenTomb.

When recording a podcast/game/music aim for something around -6db peaks. The closer you are to your noise floor the more risk you run of background noise being audible on your tracks when doing the mixdown.

prototypes begin shipping! VVVVVV releases the source, Quake II RTX for learns how to monitor, and Lunar sale dates leak. Then Axiom Verge faces, the CHAIRQASITION!

Monitoring bandwidth from the command line, 21st century hipster-pixels, laptop killing USB cords, and GIMP learns an important lesson.

EA drops the banhammer on gamers! LunchHouse Software revives 's cancelled Portal sequel, open-source engine devilutionX reaches 1.0, and our favourite games of 2019.

Show notes & podcast:

Thread locking is a delicate science full of compromises... and Scandinavian witchcraft.

There's a big difference between "N00b" and "can't be arsed to Google anything before asking questions"

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