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Here's another video of me saying product information in an announcer voice.

This time, a Kinderjoy Bueno bar.

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After all this is said and done, after the world has recovered from the pandemic, there will still be people who didn't follow orders, who will say that they didn't follow the recommendations, and still survived. These people don't know about dumb luck (emphasis on "dumb").

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I sometimes read about women's makeup, and I don't picture a woman putting on her makeup; I think she's putting up drywall. First she puts on the primer, then the base coat, next the final coat, and finally the gloss coat, like lip gloss.

Looks like I made another bite-sized episode of My Interests This Week . This time, I struggle to get a small computer to do big things, and talk about designing multiplayer maps. Out is where you should check it.

I usually do my laundry when I run out of clean socks. I wonder at what point do other people do their laundry?

@PINE64 should have a special promotion where they include a pine air freshener with the sale of each of their new products (e.g. the , the ). That would be a nice tie-in, and they would freshen people's cars while respecting their freedoms.

Behind every successful product is a great pitch man.

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The Replay Foundation, my employer, announced their liquidation today. This means no more Pinburgh. It also means I'm Officially out of a job for the forseeable, so if y'all wouldn't mind boosting a link to my other source of income Improbable Island, that'd be just super.

It's a silly online game and it doesn't pay as much as fixing pinball machines but heck it's what I've got right now, and this winter's probably gonna be a hairy one.

Looks like I made another episode of my bite-sized . This week, I talk about putting server tech into a tiny computer, and I also talk about how I helped put a guy way for 10 years. Go listen to it.

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I've just discovered a large unexpected expense that is complicating my financial situation. If you were considering purchasing #HiveTime, now would be a great time <3
#gamedev #indiedev

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"A lot of times before they're intubated — which means put on a ventilator because they can't breathe on their own — when they're still struggling to breathe, and they're saying, 'Well, I didn't know COVID was real, and I wish I'd worn a mask.' And then it's already too late," she tells NPR's All Things Considered. "You can see the regret, as they're struggling to breathe and it's finally hitting them that this is real. It makes me very sad."

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Recently, I have seen a number of social media users and videos use the "chef's kiss" to express their delight for something. And I have not a clue why.

From a science fiction point-of-view, I feel a bit old.

Just found out a bunch of my cookies are about to expire soon. Well, better eat a bunch of these quickly so that they don't go to waste.

Is unfortunate that Alex Trebek died. But I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did, considering he had one of the worst forms of cancer.

Looks like I made another bite-sized of My Interests This Week. In this episode, I squash some bugs in my indie game, try to get 2 to run on my old, dinky laptop, and be amazed at how Diablo was made.

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What is the best open source NAS solution with ZFS support to run on a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 (Quad-core ARM Cortex-A72)? I’m planning to use it for off-site mirroring of a FreeNAS server.


I'm surprised I haven't seen any posts of that stupid "Fifth of November" meme. I guess I don't follow enough people on social media.

In these trying times, we need to be calm. We should chill out, like this fox.

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I have made another bite-sized episode of My Interests This Week . This week, I talk about where I'm not a good fit for volunteering (and where I am), thoughts of starting my own business, and progress on my game Block Wars. Out is where you should check it!

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