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♲ Thanks for the warm welcome and the follow 😀

This account will not follow nor follow back.

This account will be dedicated (or at least try) to display a broad view of the scheme world at large this includes but is not limited to the following hashtags #lisp #racket #guile #guix #clojure and #ai.

Best effort will be put to create new and original toots, that is information that you will not find by following the hashtags mentioned previously.

Have a good day!…
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Hey where do I ask for Pleroma help because I genuinely can't figure out how to defederate from an instance

Do I have to just... block network traffic from that domain... somehow?
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Since my old HDD is on its last spindles, I'm putting an SSD in the desktop computer. Looks like I have joined 2013. 😄

Looks like I've done it again; I've made another . Watch, and be amazed at my interests in story structure, poetry, and the company Red Hat in "My Interests This Week"!

I'm at , and all I can say is that it's pretty bright and flashy.

@Venn, what's the Wordpress plugin on the LGC website which filters the messages you receive? It's the one that flags spam.

@Venn, you were drooling over that AXIOM Beta camera during LWDW 180. Maybe we should start a GoFundMe campaign for you, as well as get you a towel?

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SpaceEngine is a realistic virtual Universe you can explore on your computer

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Notice anything new today?

There’s now a @Twitter emoji to commemorate our #Apollo50th Moon landing anniversary of when humans first stepped foot on another world. Discover more about this historic moment in space exploration: 

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Thanks to our base, elementary OS 5 Juno users will now get these updated drivers too!


Good news everyone on Team Green 🎮 Ubuntu LTS users will get the latest nVidia binary driver updates without needing PPAs or crazy scripts!
Check this quick video from for all the details!


The Icee drink machine at the Target I'm visiting is making sounds like a purring cat. And I can't tell whether that's a good thing.

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If one is refusing to differentiate between hate speech intended to harm and oppressed people defining them selves, then you're on the side of hate.

If one believes punishing a person for expressing their dislike for a group of people that wants to see them dead is 'fair', then you're on the side of hate.

If you're not using tools to empower targets of harassment to reduce the harm they receive, you're just a bigot.

And you're the very reason hate has such a foothold in online spaces.

Wow, @Venn, you were right about Blender's UI being a hot mess.

I wonder if this will work out well, especially for @Venn.

RT @snapcraftio: OK streamers! Come and grab a fully nvenc and VA-API hardware accelerated ⚡️ snap of OBS Studio for .

snap install obs-studio

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I don't give a shit how popular some instance believe themselves to be. PV will not allow that non-sense. PV will not associate with instances that do not prioritize the safety of its people over the juvenile and often subjective moralities of an admin. That's just replicating the experience of places we are supposed to be against.

And if you're unsafe on an instance where the admin/mod team are a bunch of cowards, PV will be here.

You'll always know where we stand when it comes to bigots.

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I don't always like Mozilla's decisions, especially lately, but they're still very important for user privacy. I think supporting them so they don't have to start depending more on anti-privacy forms of income is important.

#Mozilla #Privacy #Firefox #Browsers #Internet

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