Argh, it's almost 10:00 a.m. CST and I haven't done anything important! 😢😱

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A reminder:

Lets Bring Zeb (Destination Linux) To America! - SE Linux Fest.

We want to bring our favorite host Zeb to America. Imagine all the fun as Zeb joins Noah (of Linux Action Show fame), Ryan, Michael and the entire SE Linux Fest crowd.

Money is for his flight and hotel. ANY donation appreciated.

Funding will be used for his flight from the UK.

$2,000 needed.

Please donate if you can =>
#Zeb #SELinux #DestinationLinux #Linux #festival @DestinationLinux

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Hello, World!

This is the first blog post about Marmota, a distributed and Free Software alternative to Spotify (and by extension the majority of the music streaming services)

Boosts and feedback appreciated!

I made a video on the Godot Engine about debugging. It goes into detail about the states of variables and classes. I hope it came out right.

On a pack of Angel Soft toilet paper, they have a baby with wings. Am I to believe that this child is an angel? If that's the case, how did this kid become an angel? Did God create this angel in the form of a baby? Did a child die, and then became an angel? Just think about the implications of that the next time you walk the toilet paper aisle.

When someone's shouting and complaining, it's sometimes called "bitching". If dogs could speak (or if they speak amongst themselves), would they call it "womanizing"?

Great idea to create a user interface design app for Linux. Isn't dependent on Qt or GTK+.

Who would like an article on auditing a Nextcloud instance? I've been using one for a while, and I have also been researching wats of auditing it. I would like to know whether there is interest.

Been watching and saw this great piece on game developers packing their game on Linux. Though many people watch LGC, I may as well post the piece here:

@tpheine On your profile, it says you're a Flow Measurement Specialist. What does that job involve?

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I work with kids.Here’s why they’re consumed with anxiety.It's not social media

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*Looks at the personal list on YouTube. No one has posted anything in the past couple of days*

Well, doesn't look like anything's on my subscription list. So Brutal Doom video it is.

Would like to help with products and design at my current work, and try to install and test out Linux on some of the systems. But I don't know whether I'll get such high clearance for that.

Trying to help that "Tower Jumper" game. But from the looks of it, I may only help with stuff like music.

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