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Here's another video of me saying product information in an announcer voice.

This time, a Kinderjoy Bueno bar.

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I don't get a lot of mail nowadays, which is good. What's even better is that I don't get mail that starts with, "Hello, you are being sued."

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Need financial help, please boost 

Hey there,

I realize I’ve been asking very often recently, but I’m having continued financial issues. I’ve been able to squeeze through last month and was able to pay rent this month and several payments I had hanging, but once again that leaves me on the rope for the rest of this month and to buy food

I would greatly appreciate if you could drop me some money if you are able to! Any amount helps.

Boosts also help immensely, and they’re also very appreciated!

Thank you very much, have a nice day

I'm still trying to develop a multiplayer game. At this point, though, I feel that it's held together with pieces of string and duct tape.

Had to fix my database last night because I didn't perform a proper upgrade. I had previously upgraded the database to include larger text like emojis. But I didn't change all the tables. That was a fun hour of troubleshooting.

Due to the recent Winter disaster, my brother has had to shack up with us while his apartment lacks power and water. I've found that he'll use the shower sometimes to wash himself. The thing is, my sponge is hanging in the shower, and it's dry. I don't know how the hell he does it. Must be some trick he learned in the army. ⁨

Smokey Robinson has co-written some amazing songs, and also has had a wonderful singing career. Here's happy birthday to this legendary artist.

@kat I've heard caffeine works with headaches. But the downside is that you may keep you up late.

Also had to stay at the house of friends of the family. Thank the stars I know people like that.

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Doing my laundry at a Lavenderia because we're under water restrictions in my home city (I'm in a neighboring city) and I can't do my laundry at home. One of those weeks, I guess.

From the looks of it, someone (or some thing) is pulling up my in France. The statistics on my blog show that some computer in France keeps pulling up my podcast pages, and I don't know why.

I'm looking at the 3D mannequin demo, and it looks like GDquest and @Cheeseness did a great job with the state machine design and coding.

I've been playing the and it's a great game. The characters are well thought out, and the missions are great. Though what scares me is the "new level" music. Couldn't they have turned that down a little?

I've been using for the website because Chromium and Brave seem to slow down when the animations are playing.

Footnotes and similar citations are literary devices that advertisers love. They allow for advertising that is eye-catching, yet is deceptive enough to be legal.

I would love to work on the next game. But what could I offer? Heck, I wanted to work on the original Metroid Prime. But I was some kid straight out of high school; I knew nothing. I'm sure will do a great job.

Does anyone else think of the song "I Think I'm Turning Japanese" when they watch something ecchi or more risque?

I'm forgetful sometimes, so much that I forget my handiness. I'll start wiping a surface off, or start operating something, and think, Why is this becoming so difficult? Then I realize, It's difficult because I'm using my left hand. Oh, right.

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