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Here's another video of me saying product information in an announcer voice.

This time, a Kinderjoy Bueno bar.

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Wow, it's a good thing none of my brothers wanted to learn how to play the guitar, because I didn't want to learn how to play any instruments while I was growing up.

With mobile phones, we have the ability to pause calls. I wonder if we can also add "hold music"? I would put "Yakety Sax" on mine.

I think people who want to use the for everything should be called "blockheads". The name seems to fit them.

What do unscented candles smell like?

Boy, sys admin jobs are hard to come by when you don't have a degree in that field, and it's hard to get experience in a real server environment. Virtual environments only take you so far, and can't play around with large deploys via .

The word "ledge" also has the word "edge" in it. A ledge can have an edge to it. Why the heck did I not know this sooner?!

I'm walking around here wearing only a t-shirt and pants, no jacket. It's the end of November, and we barely have any chilly days. I know this is the south, but dang.

Must be all this tampering with the O-Zone layer.

I've been under a lot of stress lately. Had to do two interviews this week, and Thanksgiving is on Thursday. As a result, I've been hitting the candy hard lately. Seriously, I shotgunned a bag of Buncha Crunch today.

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Got interviewed by four people at once. It was like a tag-team wrestling match, but I didn't have a partner.

@Ertain I'm joking. I actually do that so that I can use a new brand of soap. This month: Lever 2000.

Sometimes, just to feel rich, I'll throw away a bar of soap, even if there's a small amount left.

Yep, feel like a million bucks.

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I was driving past a Holiday Inn, and I saw someone in a white hoodie doing cartwheels. They were in front of the free-standing sign for the Holiday Inn, only doing the cartwheels. Apparently, they had come from the store, and needed to get it out of their system.

When you see a soup can with a loose label, it may still be good. Remember: it's what's on the *inside* that counts, not the outside. So the soup may still be good.

I'm amazed so many people don't realize this.

You know you're in trouble when, after analyzing YouTube's recent actions and how they affect they business, you wonder, "Did I brush my teeth?"

Some old men collect and run model trains. Rod Stewart builds entire model cities.
Okay, it was just one. But that's pretty amazing.

Some may wonder why I don't talk that much. Less talking means it's less likely for me to look like a fool.

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