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Lyrics to the "Hi ho" song from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, yet with a techno spin. Inspired by a toot from @hierarchon This can be mostly sung to the tune of the original song.

I/O, I/O, it's off to disk we go
We did read read read read read read read
In the RAM the whole process through
To write write write write write write write write
It's what we like to do
It ain't no hack
To fill the stack
If read read read
From the disk and back
In the CPU! (Echo: in the CPU!)

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I'm updating an old document, and it's taking me a while to edit the file. Since it's been about 5 years, Scribus has been updated a few times. It looks like my Master Page presets don't fit anymore, and so I have to manually update the page templates, and other pages, too. What's worse is that I have to open two documents so as to keep each page aligned. As such, it's taken up half my RAM.

Newer pop-ups ("pop-up 2.0" as I like to call it) sometimes scare the crap out of me. Because of this, I have to turn off the JavaScript when viewing some sites. That, and it makes it easier to read the site.

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Friends, is there a place to host online calendars for events?

I am volunteering with my local Mental Health association and we want to share a calendar of events.


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Please help us get back on our feet!

We just got an apartment and we had to leave our furniture behind when we fled our ex.

After we pay the deposit/rent we'll be low on funds and we need to get basic apartment stuff!

(now with clickable link!)


I wonder if a heuristic is a poor man's algorithm?

I wonder if there's a group of foot hills somewhere which has a cemetery nearby called "Boot Hill".

It's official: I'm getting a . Hopefully I won't have to file for bankruptcy due to all the stuff I'm buying. 😁

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I find it odd how Republicans are conservative and advocates for smaller government, yet the government getting into the issue is definitely not an example of a smaller government.

FlowIt is a good puzzle game with levels that look easy at first, but are much more challenging.

The Toto song, "Africa", became popular again about three or four years ago. I wonder if there were many African countries who wanted to use it to advertise their country?

I keep seeing this plant-based stuff advertised. What's next, a plant-based Neutrogena hand cream infused with copper?

I feel the need to redact something. Surprisingly enough, I don't have a chisel-tip marker.

Something that new people may see? Uh, I do and . I hope that's enough.

To whoever is coming over from Twitter, welcome to the Fediverse. We have cookies somewhere around here.

To people who bring their dogs into drug stores (or shall stores). 

Those people can go fuck themselves.

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