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I don't merge your pull request on the first date. I'm not that kind of guy.

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"Si la violència policial no existeix, per què prohibir-ne la filmació?"

If Github had an option to "Limit interaction to anyone who doesn't have an anime avatar". I would have likely picked that one instead.

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I think Generation X is the first generation to have music that annoys their kids and not the other way around.

In the end, I think it boils down to 2 things:
- Why isn't Red Hat investing more resources on the UI toolkit powering the most used DE?
- Why has the Gtk developer community become so small?

I understand application developers using Electron. There is nothing more documented than JS and CSS.

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It's not the same though. 10 years ago, I was fighting tutorials, thinking "Why isn't this scripted and automated, no one wants to go through all this shit for a game." Now things are better. On the automation side at least. Now things are worse. I feel like I have to constantly prevent people from pointing a rocket launcher at their feet thinking they will rocket jump.

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Since 2009, before anything was ever released, Lutris was an effort to go *against* the Linux community. Because I did not believe their ways would benefit Linux gaming in general. A decade later, I was proven right but I still have to fight the Linux community.

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Reminder that the F in FAudio and FShack stands for Fuck.
FuckAudio, FuckShack.

I have an idea but the fastest way for me to materialize it is minecraft... Let's go!

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Wrote down "hot chips" on my meeting notes last week. It was a message from my past self to my present self to get hot chips.

I have everything for the butter chicken. Might start the preparation soon. Recipe from beloved Vahchef:

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People usually dont panic buy pancetta or celery so I should be ok.

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I hope stores aren't getting emptied by quarantine shoppers again. I have El Cocinero Loco's bolognese lasagna to prepare! Also some butter chicken.

I have the Citizen app on my phone. It is not only COVID that is spiking in LA but crime as well. A few months ago there was an incident every few days. Then it started to show incidents every night. Now it's multiple incidents a day at any time of the day.

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