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wireguard tested, rainwave currently replaced by standard liquidsoap. scaffold is djanfeld, almost done. baguettes and pelican tomorrow?

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I'll put a cookie policy on my website and it will be my favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies. By visiting my website, you accept to use this recipe when baking cookies.

When they say easy, they really mean it. Nearly did a triple perfect against Nightmare on my 1st game. Nice training mode.

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Status check:

- My apartment is super clean
- I always have 1 or 2 home cooked dishes in the fridge
- My todo lists are getting smaller and smaller
- I have a lot less anxieties or anger in general

On the other hand:

I have lost the ability to watch anything. I can maybe sit through one episode of Bob's Burgers. Maybe 10 minutes of Trevor Noah here, 10 minutes of LTT there.
It also applies to video games.

Found a USB numpad in the recycling bin of my apartment. Gave it a good clean and it works perfectly! Even has a USB 3 hub!

Naming conventions 

Give your smart plugs butt plug names.

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mtv dot strycore dot com colon height thousand

Let's fight for a future where we have TV shows featuring members of the 2016-2020 administration chased down by wild animals in the forest.

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