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The Elise Bauer / El Cocinero Loco lasagna recipe has been my reference for almost 15 years. But this time, I am going to make it with all the original ingredients. No substitutes.

If you receive unsolicited phone calls, don't hang up. That other person on the line may not know about the Vengabus...

I've been trying to get my Vengabus insured by using one of those companies offering auto warranty services through unsolicited phone calls. But they are not easy to get in touch with...

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Some people drink gin because they are naturally angry.

A while ago, I got invited for a tour of a lab at the University of Oregon. They were casually playing with scorpions and particle accelerators in the same room. It's like asking for something to go terribly wrong.

Imagine working 4 months only to hear "it is no longer possible to import games" 3 times without any mention of the substitute.
It's a good thing I take pride in my own work and I'm no longer looking for external validation.

Marukai is not a good place to get a wok. I will try in Chinatown. I believe you are the right person to ask... I'm building a project that does nothing and I was wondering if the opposite of business is slackness.

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Mission accomplished! Joined a local a local game of Quake 3 on my laptop connected to a 4G hotspot and VPN'ed back to my home network with Wireguard.

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