The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

Remarkably well done remake of an all time classic. The controller mapping work really well. As in all good remakes, the game lets you switch to the original graphics and sound with a single button. One of the few flawless games.

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Space Moth DX

You're a moth shooting aggressive insects in a bullet hell shmup. It has that early 90s arcade game vibe. It's a good production but I still like shooting insects in Apidya more.

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Pineview Drive

Looks like it could have some horror game potential. The gameplay becomes rapidly boring as you're mostly running around in the dark looking for door handles and candles. Not a game to be played on a TV.

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"Hm, this feature seems easy enough. I should be able to get it done by the end of the morning… Or maybe not since it's actually 1PM…"

Imagine not even being sarcastic when you deliver that talk.

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Imagine going to a tech conference to give a talk like "programmers are evil" or some other kind of bullshit.

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yes, I'm implying that technology that sucks is likely not the developer's fault.

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saying "technology sucks" is really short for "people with bullshit ideas and enough money to get developers to implement them suck."

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The model M without the numpad

The numpad's only goal is to make my mouse harder to reach. I already have number keys.


It's a basketball game, or THE basketball game since it seems to be the reference franchise for NBA games. Features a bunch of classic teams from the late nineties which is the only time I cared about the NBA. I suck at those games. At least this one runs on Linux, unlike the 2k16 edition. 2kTV is the most obnoxious thing ever.

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The Gardens Between

A puzzle platformer where you control time and actions on objects. Of course some elements react differently to time, which you have to take advantage of to reach the top of the level.
Visually pretty and intuitive to play.

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Rising Dusk

Interesting concept for what seems a classic platformer. In this games, some platforms disappear based on the number of coins you have, preventing you to complete the level or reach valuable items.
Pretty clever idea.

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Old school style point and click that is a straight continuation of the Amiga style of adventure games. Filled with jokes delivered in amazing voice acting, this game is really one I'll want to return to.

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A turn based strategy game I can get behind. It's basic enough to be played on a touch screen but it doesn't feel like a mobile game. Maybe some similarities with Battle for Wesnoth.

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In between

Philosophical puzzle platformer with some aspects reminding me of VVVVVV or And yet it moves. Really well executed.

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Great graphics, music and story... but sadly, this game is an endless runner. It feels like wasted potential, but this is still quite fun to play.

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Vertiginous golf

It's Golf with your friends but with a Steampunk aesthetic. That's pretty much it. Should be fun to try in multiplayer.

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The weird lovechild between Pong and a bullet hell. You shoot a star between 2 characters, hitting enemies that stand in your way. This can get confusing when playing single player since you get to control 2 players at once (1 with each stick). Art style is pretty nice except the enemy sprites that out of place and not as polished as the rest. Looks like it was mostly targeted at the Nintendo Switch.

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