Hope you all have a nice weekend, here's some cheerful music to put you in the mood! youtu.be/1qFIi7vaofs

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2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

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@nlavielle cherry-pick le commit sur lequel tu as introduit le fichier (si ton commit contient la totalité du fichier et rien d'autre)

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@Adam_Stambaugh faked it till I made it. Became somewhat competent in the process.

It's perfectly valid to put the blame of all of your problems on society.

@blossomkittysoul @Ertain if you want to fix a typo, just fix a typo, you don't need to setup the whole thing. The website is standard Django website, nothing unusual for people with minimal experience. I was thinking more of the client, I'm aware that the lutris website isn't as straightforward, but I also don't expect as much on this front from the community. It doesn't matter anyway because I can release a bash script and I still will be on my own.

@Ertain I have a popular open source project that is easy to contribute to. And yet the contributions are very minimal. Kenneth's libraries are even more popular and easy to contribute to. Your "only" solution doesn't seem to be very efficient to me.

Haha, Kenneth Reitz is having a breakdown on Twitter because no one ever helps him with his open source projects.

Trust me, you feel a lot better when you stop believing that contributors will fall from the sky and code with you on your projects. I was very naive then but I learned the hard way that in open source, you are on your own.

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No matter how bleak things may seem, I hope you'll find comfort in acknowledging that you aren't the type of person who leaves "Who is listening to this in 2019?" comments on YouTube music videos.

It's almost 2020 ffs. Someone please tell Jonathan Davis that you cannot use "What You See Is What You Get" in lyrics anymore.

@Adam_Stambaugh of course, with the current version of wine, all of this is obsolete

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