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@Ertain @ZoeyGlobe I like the form factor of the original GBA more but some backlight would be pretty sick

@Ertain it can have the fanciest 128bit CPU, still can't see shit!

Holy shit, the Game Boy Advance is like the Game Boy. You can't see anything but at least it's in color now. And remember, kids. It's not retro if this is new to you.

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Oh, right, I have to go to the post office and ship a box to the UK. I wonder who it's for and what it contains...

@jackiemoon tbh, I've never wanted free wheelin' during a video game

I keep reaching for the clicky scrollwheel toggle button on my Razer mouse. But it doesn't have one, never did. My mouse has phantom limbs...

@sophia I want that duck to stop doing whatever it's doing. Same with UK politics. Great analogy!

@lynnesbian true. I have both and Nothing can stop me now.

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You know what's shit? Any censored Monster Magnet song.

Also found the perfect box to avoid getting them squished in the train!

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