Holy shit, the Game Boy Advance is like the Game Boy. You can't see anything but at least it's in color now. And remember, kids. It's not retro if this is new to you.

Good luck getting a semi truck to chase a bike with all that water...

Pretzel bun, shallot/garlic/habanero Chardonnay mayo, lettuce, meat-less Beyond burger, pepper jack cheese, grilled habanero slices (that's 2 full habaneros including the mayo), grilled mango, avocado, mango habanero sauce.

Tacos with chorizo and potatoes, black beans and cheese, tequila / orange / grapefruit fanta, cheap mango habanero sauce from Vons

Salad with gorgonzola, prosciutto, cantaloupe, wine (also some side habaneros)

Slow cooker beans and chicken, pepper jack, avocados, mango habanero sauce

When you get hacked by a web components framework, life becomes hell.

Finally made the decision to move those bands out of my main library…

When you have to create a swap file on a SD card in order to run yum update...

Receiving emails telling me that my account for a proprietary service will automatically be closed due to inactivity is the best!

A tragedy! I finished almost all my hot sauces in the last few days!

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