Life is
Look of happiness in simplicity.
I'm in charge of simplicity.
You are in charge of happiness.

I noticed today that Strider makes an appearance on the Ken stage of Street Fighter Alpha 2! There is a pretty fancy crowd, with guests from Forgotten Worlds to Darkstalkers with a bit of Alien vs Predator and more. I found out that the story behind the teddy bear that Strider is holding is very sad...

I got a few more days into 2021 to learn the rest of Blender.

What the hell? Meld is a diff viewer, I wouldn't expect it to reference any of those things. Still, I do not think that Meld is a suitable program for toddlers.

Might just use Geforce Now to play Cyberpunk until stable drivers are ready

That other Adobe Air game from Humble Bundle looks interesting... only for the fact that I love Mr Driller and this looks a bit like it in some weird kind of way

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Canabalt running natively again thanks to the Adobe Air runtime present in Botanicula

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