with the correct kernel installed, Alien Isolation runs at 30~45 fps. Ultra Street Fighter IV holds 60fps.

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The Surface really is the kind of portable device I've been looking for. It is light, powerful, touchscreen enabled and x86. The detachable keyboard is very decent. Linux support is still quirky but every feature is functional.

I like that with Linux, there is a pretty badass binary compatibility with really old stuff. Here, Civ: CTP, Railroad Tycoon II and Sim City 3000 all run in their native versions, on a Thinkpad running Debian Stretch.

Y'all are all jealous of my hot shell prompt.
It's not only hot, it also allows to see what the hell is going on in git and I completely hate working in environments with dumb shell prompts.


There, that's one thing I can uninstall. Everything migrated to Nextcloud!

Suck my dick, El Gado. Who taught you to dress like that? I'm just happy to have video games where I can punch you in the fucking face.

I have some photos in a folder title "Unfinished First Project/PROJECT". I do not know what to do with them so there you go, have them.

There's an ongoing pandemic, a city wide curfew, but just to make sure I do not go out, there's a very aggressive bird guarding its nest just outside my apartment complex. Saw the bird chasing a rat and then it went to attack me.

Sure Distance is cool but have you played DETHKARZ (with a DETH as in MEGADETH and a Z as in w4r3Z)


Some incoming Lutris installers!
Love that we're seeing more and more big and recent titles on GOG. I certainly didn't expect to see Metro Exodus. And It's always a pleasure to see some Capcom games show up.

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