The result of having a keyboard properly aligned with the middle of the monitor.

The year is 2019. While Microsoft is busy doing cool open source stuff, Windows has been relegated to the role of a tiny window cleaner.

I just felt like eating a large pizza by myself and I just did.

Me: We can't really introduce a new image format in Lutris as long as we don't have the new format for all games in our collection.

Valve Software:

Wonder what movie/tv show they're shooting with those vintage cars in the LA river

Never take any piece of advice from a weeb. I don't even have rice ffs.

My Docker container for Django is not seeing the Postgres container but I can access it just fine from my main host. Any clue? I'm using this docker compose file:

Handy Docker command to clean pretty much everything: docker system prune -a

This has been your hacker tip of of the day

Found a sick Strider tshirt at Uniqlo! Also, Kate Micucci was just in front of me at the register because Beverly Hills

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