Since 2009, before anything was ever released, Lutris was an effort to go *against* the Linux community. Because I did not believe their ways would benefit Linux gaming in general. A decade later, I was proven right but I still have to fight the Linux community.

It's not the same though. 10 years ago, I was fighting tutorials, thinking "Why isn't this scripted and automated, no one wants to go through all this shit for a game." Now things are better. On the automation side at least. Now things are worse. I feel like I have to constantly prevent people from pointing a rocket launcher at their feet thinking they will rocket jump.

In the end, I think it boils down to 2 things:
- Why isn't Red Hat investing more resources on the UI toolkit powering the most used DE?
- Why has the Gtk developer community become so small?

I understand application developers using Electron. There is nothing more documented than JS and CSS.

@strider for the last GUI app I made, I used Godot engine. I wish gui toolkits were just as easy to use.

@codythedragonrude @strider steam is based on some toolkit valve originally made for managing the windows in half-life 1

@Novimatrem @strider personally i think about proprietary vs open source the same way i think about privacy

everyone who complains about it is using at least one thing that defeats their points

i like privacy so i use google facebook twitter and youtube services < most privacy preachers

i like open source software so much that i'm using a proprietary driver to run my current computer < most open source preachers

@codythedragonrude @Novimatrem I'm not against proprietary software, I use some, even if I try to use open source and self hosted services as much as I possibly can. I'm against any kind of proprietary development tools or libraries. Qt might be somewhat open, it's still not open enough for me to use it.

@strider @Novimatrem i think the bigger problem is people don't think about the toolkits but rather the desktop environments that use them as a measure of good or bad

if gnome of xfce or any other gtk based desktop environment does something bad all of gtk is bad

if kde does something bad all of qt is bad

@codythedragonrude @Novimatrem that's a pretty limited way of viewing things. XFCE has no influence on Gtk, it took them ages just to catch up with Gtk3. Gtk not widely adopted outside of the Gnome and Linux world. Qt is much more widespread for apps not tied to an OS (VirtualBox, Dropbox, ...). Qt as a development platform is undeniably better.

@strider @Novimatrem to the average user though if it uses gtk then it's a gtk problem not a xfce problem

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