I hope stores aren't getting emptied by quarantine shoppers again. I have El Cocinero Loco's bolognese lasagna to prepare! Also some butter chicken.

People usually dont panic buy pancetta or celery so I should be ok.

I have everything for the butter chicken. Might start the preparation soon. Recipe from beloved Vahchef:

@strider Dang, Strider. That sounds good. Hope you can get the ingredients.

@Ertain i have to make chili powder for that butter chicken. Also missing cardamom but ill sub with mustard seeds and fennel seeds

@strider Sounds dangerous. Hopefully those high, organic food prices don't kill you.

@Ertain it's all paid with Lutris donations, I got some imported French cheese and wine. And a bunch of spices too. Because he who controls the spice controls the universe.

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