I have the Citizen app on my phone. It is not only COVID that is spiking in LA but crime as well. A few months ago there was an incident every few days. Then it started to show incidents every night. Now it's multiple incidents a day at any time of the day.

@strider You'd think criminals would at least care about other people's health. smh. #selfish

@strider the good news is that it'll be all over within about 6 months as the vaccine is distributed, summer arrives, and stimulus is used to restart the economy.

@Demosthenes no it won't be over in 6 months. We'll start recovering in 6 months but it will take time.

@strider That sounds horrible, Matthieu. Stay safe. If another riot breaks out, run and/or loot the good, expensive stuff.

@Ertain riots have not been a problem here. It's mostly mentally unstable people who are left by themselves in the streets.

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