Name one user who has contracted the coronavirus. Come on. I'll wait.

@strider many people have android phones and use the internet.

@predator8bit first, "many people" is not a name. Second, Android doesn't count as real .

@strider the director at the factory I work at got it, don't know if he passed it onto any of my co-workers. Some of us have a cold or flu, still doubt it's covid 19 in our cases.

@predator8bit what distro does he run? And what desktop environment?

@strider I was meaning to say I might have it, from him indirectly. Bu I'm not going to spend the 200$ it costs here to check for sure.

@strider at work I use Windows 7 although it is in a "real-time hypervisor" and talks to a Linux server. Some fancy CNC machine, I don't know much about it, just the absolute minimum I have to.

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