How come I love when LinusTechTips does hardware stuff but when LGC talks hardware, I'm like "OMG, talk about software already!!"??

@strider Usually that's because they're reporting on bad hardware, or Pedro's making another abomination.

@Ertain but Pedro's builds are dope!! That's a lot closer to what LTT does! What gets old is the chit chat about new CPU/GPUs models. OMG just buy a graphics card already.

@strider Oh yeah, sure. Buy a GPU now just to have it become obsolete, like what happened to @frojoe. 😄


@Ertain @frojoe yeah, this whole "GPUs getting obsolete" thing is bullcrap. I have a GTX970 that handles pretty much everything I throw at it. No one needs a new GPU every year.

@strider @Ertain @frojoe I have a GTX1060 that handles nothing I throw at it very well, strider you seriously are incredibly lucky- I am cursed in comparison.

@ZoeyGlobe @Ertain @frojoe you have a better graphics card than mine and a bad case of the raven's cry

@strider "Raven's cry"? Is that related to when doves cry? 😄

@Ertain it's when you have the right components but they're not put together correctly, causing a drop in performance. This is how the developers of Raven's cry explain the game's poor fps.

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