How do you tell that useless piece of shit of SpamAssassin to stop marking some email as spam?

do it like @Venn and sell your soul to analphabet(R)(C)(TM) and let them configure.

@jackiemoon I've been using Gmail since the beta and I also now have a protonmail box. But I also have several mailboxes on my postfix server. You're not answering the question, Jackie.

yes! me is not.
do i look like google(r)(c)(tm) thats presenting 6 answers when you search for it?
damn californian slacker!

@jackiemoon I tried to look and the person on StackOverflow wasn't helpful. Yes, I know the original message doesn't follow all the golden rules of email. I just want to be able to receive email from flawed entities that are not spammers.

me checked again its 8 good answers with the string "SpamAssassin to stop marking some email as spam".

@jackiemoon you forgot the "damn californian slacker!" this time

no! me is not.
that comes now, damn franco-californian slackster!

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