Never take any piece of advice from a weeb. I don't even have rice ffs.

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All laptop keyboards fucking suck greasy balls. What are your best recommendations for keyboard-less laptops? (Aka x86 tablet)

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Inb4 "and Wunderlist is owned by Microsoft, reeeeee!"
I don't care who owns Wunderlist. It's a proprietary online service like any other.

Likely to replace Wunderlist with some custom code. I like wunderlist but it's not really the product I'm looking for. Plus I'd rather keep my todo lists at home, this is quite personal data.

Why should need a mail client on my phone when I can program my raspberry pi to read my email for me?

My ebay galaxy s7 was acting up, and I can't receive calls in my apartment. I got the S10 as a replacement. The goal is to never connect my old Google account to it, forge an entirely new digital identity from the point of view of internet giants. Some sort of digital life reboot. I believe this is healthy behavior.

I installed Tusky on my S10 and it looks hella sweet!

The lutris issue tracker has gone to shit. I had unsubscribed from it a while ago but now that I'm taking a look again, I can only witness the horror that has happened since I started my job.

If Canadians actually do say sorry more than Americans do, that might be a solid enough reason not to step foot in Canada.

Why do Americans say "sorry" for everything they do all the fucking time? Should I feel bad about not being sorry about shit I do?

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Total time to install Pop OS, a modern #Linux desktop operating system, to a normal SSD. Including user input and setting up user account.

Under 4 minutes. Including your graphics driver and hardware drivers. All working out of the box

And a full office suite preinstalled...

Stealing open source technology secrets to make them available to the wider population.

Got RAGE 2 to run on both my workstation and console. On Mesa, I applied the Padoka PPA on Pop 19.04. On nvidia, I'm currently running the game on Manjaro, Pop is still crashy. Virtual desktop needs to be enabled and controllers unplugged, otherwise you'll have crashes.

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