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You give me a RTX 3060

I give you $329 and a BJ

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Take a look at these materials.

They're made with Material Maker. An up-and-coming FOSS Substance replacement. Tell your 3D artist friends, before they sign their souls off to Adobe...

#Substance #MaterialMaker #Adobe #FOSS #PBR #3D

I don't know how I feel about reverse engineering binary file formats late at night while drunk and high. This does not make a very good case for sobriety.

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A lot of the large buildings in Downtown Los Angeles barely have anyone in them. It's just computers.
Datacenters, sure. But now, also unoccupied offices due to COVID

Satellite internet is a huge factor in de-urbanization. Without it would be much harder, especially in rural areas of the West coast.
It surprises me that it took so long to have a proper implementation. I remember experimenting with satellite internet back in ~2000. But at the time, it was unidirectional. You still needed a 56k line for upload.

I will start the process of de-urbanization at the end of the year / start of 2022.

Copying movies, music or video games is so 20th century.

Let's copy fruits and vegetables!

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En fait, Reporterre est un média post-capitaliste (rires). Il vit en accès libre, sans actionnaire, sans publicité, car on considère que l’information est un bien commun. La très bonne nouvelle, c’est que ça marche !

Bravo 🙂
Et fière de faire partie de celleux qui font que ça marche.

The Lutris client should sync your libraries from what the lutris client exposes. Users shouldn't have to log in to 3rd party services on the lutris website.

Thinking of removing the Steam account sync from the lutris website. It's now useless and creates confusion.

Time to eat all your words
Swallow your pride
Open your eyes

Possibly big stuff happening this Monday. I'm excited.

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