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Fuck you, piece of shit of a computer, you're not stronger than me. You can't output on the wrong sound card if I remove every card from pulseaudio but my TV.

It's 2019 and it's still a struggle to get games to show on the right display or use the right audio output. I don't find funny at all. I find this highly depressing. I have spend 10 years of my life trying to make game run properly on Linux. We can't even get simple things like that to work.

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Ce soir on attend @strider sur #radiogiroll une émission internationale entre 'west coast' sur #Lutris et le #jeuxvideo sous #Linux

Dans quelques minutes je vais être sur Radio Giroll pour parler de Lutris: ( sur Freenode pour le chat)

Sometimes I feel bad for the state of Lutris… and then I try installing packages with the Ubuntu Software Centre… You know, I'm not doing that bad of a job, all things considered.

Yerûšelem is not proper material for a Random Track Of The Day. Plus I haven't listened to the album fully yet. I'll find you something else.

I less than a second, I knew what I was dealing with. This sound… so familiar… and yet it's not Blut Aus Nord

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- paid product (quality guarantee)
- gamer OS
- don't have to fuck around with a command prompt if you don't wanna

- free (shitty)
- literally no games (0 games on Linux OS)
- gotta do hackerman bullshit to make it work at all

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