Tool killed it at the Staples center last night. Killing Joke didn't kill anything. Their sound engineer sucked :( Still a good show nonetheless

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Nothing special, just moose eating your Halloween decorations

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Finished Titanfall 2 and it was a dope game. Recommend it!

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Look at me running this old ass Pop OS 19.04. I have no shame. Gosh.

I still haven't upgraded to 19.10. I might as well stop Linux completely, I'm so behind the times.

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If you want to be good at something, you cant just like it. You have to want to put effort into it.

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How come I love when LinusTechTips does hardware stuff but when LGC talks hardware, I'm like "OMG, talk about software already!!"??

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The twitchRaid
Oh noes!!

So excited to get to see Tool *and* Killing Joke next Monday! Once I've seen both, there won't be a lot of my favorite bands that are still around that I have yet to see. Paradise Lost and Atari Teenage Riot are the main ones I can think of.

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