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Whenever I open the current stable release of Lutris, I go "wtf is this shit? Where are all my features??"

Lutris 0.5.8 is gonna be big.

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what is next level in editor color schemes? glowing text!

If Microsoft had to pay taxes, they wouldn't have 8B to throw at a video game company. If Nvidia had to pay taxes they wouldn't have 40B to throw at a CPU company. Capitalism is annihilating any kind of competition.

.... ever think of the clusterfuck that is Copy and Paste in vim?

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After 10 years of loyal service, I'm progressively phasing out vim in favor of vscode. vim feels increasingly clunky and slow. my vim extensions (like Ctrl-P) do some stupid shit in comparison to vscode.

The Kushagram website is broken and the JS console says "This website isn't registered or it's trial has expired." coming from the Potify client library... This is very unfortunate.

I just hope that some day, we get rid of the old school Linux train of thought. The one that sees Microsoft as perpetual evil.
I've said this before but it's worth repeating: This subset of the Linux community does not contribute a substantial amount of code to open source projects. They just make Linux less appealing to outsiders (unless said outsiders have a grudge against Microsoft)

The Linux gaming community indirectly expressing regrets towards Zenimax has to be simultaneously one of the most hilarious and saddest event we've had in a long time.

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Trying out that coding methodology called "My way or the highway" which consists of deleting all the code I don't like.

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Made a little GOG library to QA the new logo downloader. Will be easier to work with than a 300+ games library.

Embrace: Since the start, Amazon Web Services made Linux operating systems a first class citizen of their hosting services.

Extend: AWS leveraged the power of more and more open source tools, making them available as paid services. Adding layers of interoperability between those.

Extinguish: AWS pushes the narrative that managing Linux servers is hard. That you should just use their cloud services and avoid using Linux as much as possible.

…but sure, keep shouting at Microsoft…

And he's not wrong. Sure it's not a lot but if power consumption is the concern, more RAM sticks means more power draw. On the screenshot, there is a clear difference between a Ryzen 3 with a 1x 16GB SO-DIMM and a i7 with 4x 8GB DIMM. I don't know if it's because it's too low or if it's because the Ryzen is an APU but the SO-DIMM power usage isn't even registered on powertop. Meanwhile the 32GB draw more than the CPU itself on idle.

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