@killyourfm I think it was the ending that tanked it. Not many people take that kind of thing very well.

Currently making our grocery selections based on what the kids won't sneak.

At least mastodon won't put me on probation for a dark humor response.

@Ertain but how are they going to mark them new and improved and double the price?

Enough with the phishing already.

People on fedi are far more careful and not really into this kind of thing, I only see this on Another Social Network.

Security questions are a really bad idea.


@Unaccounted4 search for install-mf on GitHub. It's how I got Obduction to play.

@Venn nothing about that hinted that it was a link. I'd actually tapped on the bullet points below the header thinking maybe they were.

@Unaccounted4 I read podcast descriptions often. I have a lot of subscriptions to Linux news shows and check them for stories to see if I've already heard about a given topic or want to hear it.

@emilia@witches.live I'll take fast and works well over fancy looking disaster any day.

@Venn of course the Star Trek animated series is canon. It just takes place in the Animaniacs timeline.


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