A nice showing for stb_truetype!

The scaling and metrics are probably off because I'm still figuring out the analogues between stb_truetype and Win32's font API and had to stub out code where I didn't know what to do.

At least I no longer have to printf to the terminal. mast.linuxgamecast.com/@rohit_

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After a day of troubleshooting why my Manjaro Jellyfin server wasn't working with Wake On LAN, I installed Pop! OS and immediately got it working (after setting my ethernet to wake on magic packet in nm-connection-editor).

Sometimes Manjaro isn't the answer.

Took the whole day to get to this point, and I still can't get in game.

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Text quads weren't drawing because font loading code on Linux was so stubbed that characters always had a width of zero. For now, I'm hardcoding it because Windows just cheats and uses wingdi.h for everything font related.

For some reason, the New Game button seems unusable, so I still can't get in-game.

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Finally beat Final Fantasy 8. I cheated all the way through, so I'm not qualified to critique it's design, but I still think it's a massive step down from FF7. And I thought FF7 was overrated.

Saw The War With Grandpa in an empty theater. Most unrealistic part of the movie is how Robert De Niro goes to a Fry's Electronics twice, and there were actually people shopping inside.

Next thing you'll tell me is that they're still selling Linux games.

I added gdk-pixbuf libraries for the AVIF, FLIF, and JPEG-XL formats in my Manjaro installation, but the thumbnailer didn't pick them up, despite my adding the requisite files in /usr/share/thumbnailers. Viewnior could view the files, so gdk-pixbuf was fine.

Finally, I made a ~/.config/tumbler/tumbler.rc file and set the "Disabled" key to true in the [PixbufThumbnailer] section. Nowhere in the tumbler documentation was this mentioned.

Just tried the latest OldUnreal binary for Unreal Tournament (v469a), and it works great on Linux!


The old Loki binary for UT99 suffers from bit rot due to the fact that it uses SDL 1 (1.1, which is way older than 1.2!) and a version of OpenAL that doesn't use modern Linux audio backends, forcing you to download packages that wrap around OSS. This fixes both of those issues.

UT99 can easily be run under Wine, but I always have a soft spot for native binaries.

Getting a really annoying fullscreen bug in Chocolate/Crispy Doom in Manjaro, so I made a bug report:


Not sure if it's an issue with the game or Manjaro /XFCE.

If you're running Linux with an Nvidia card and are getting monitor blackouts with a DisplayPort cable, try setting "Force Compsition Pipeline" in the Nvidia Settings program.

Now I can play Mankind Divided without a blackout every time Jensen takes cover!

I have discovered coredumpctl. My life will never be the same.

Trying to improve synchronization in my Vulkan code. Really not liking how I'm getting validation errors and flickering in one machine and not another. I thought moving to Vulkan from OpenGL was supposed to fix this.

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