5.0 is ready for public consumption, LibreSignage wants testers, Tympan is developing open source hearing aid hardware, and DOSing a Raspberry Pi.


Hits 1.0! 4.3 includes the FAudio rewrite, SpeedRunners gets boostacokes, and a glimpse of Steam’s new design? All that plus your hate mail, right meow!


The battle for spice continues. 30 years after the the first war, GDI and NOD are back in another classic, real-time strategy saga with Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun.

snap install cnctsu


@strider to coin a phrase from soccer, stick to your game plan. Don't alter your routine because someone in a chat room or email makes a demand. People will always make unrealistic demands, ignore them. You know your own project better than anyone. I agree completely on the need for more skilled people to help out with development on projects. We'll have to work on that one, but, you'd be surprised at the amount of ordinary Linux folks that have not heard of Lutris. That we can help change.

@strider being a billionaire helps with lots of things, obviously. Being serious, Ikey isn't a billionaire yet helped created one of the best distros. What about Venn? I remember the day he rang into TWIT, he was just doing hipster pixel OSS games at the time on his channel. Now look at the lads, not billionaires, but, they are doing very well and growing, they will continue to grow too. It takes time and it's frustrating as hell, but walking away isn't the answer.

@strider but it's not the same without the personality behind it, it's still awesome, just lacks the edge it had. 😉

@strider understandable, but you'll be missed. There are some of us that appreciate Lutris.

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