5.0 is ready for public consumption, LibreSignage wants testers, Tympan is developing open source hearing aid hardware, and DOSing a Raspberry Pi.


Hits 1.0! 4.3 includes the FAudio rewrite, SpeedRunners gets boostacokes, and a glimpse of Steam’s new design? All that plus your hate mail, right meow!


The battle for spice continues. 30 years after the the first war, GDI and NOD are back in another classic, real-time strategy saga with Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun.

snap install cnctsu


OBS Studio 23.0 RC1 for is looking for testers, RISC-V powered Fedoras, and using YouTube for cloud storage 💿


If the 1% of the 1% of billionaires worldwide would instruct all companies they own to implement changes to fix climate change, we would have it solved in no time. #Davos, are you listening?

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