& & Llamas oh my! Steam discontinues the areola controlla! Lutris gets an Epic grant, Quake 2 RTX still runs like poo, and what distros do people game on in 2019? Notes & podcast: bit.ly/LGCWEP380


I do see the page seems it's fine to include language revisions for C,C++, Fortran, and such
But looks like Java have been over looked
(1.7 or just 7,1.8, 9, 10, 11, 13 etc. In recent times)

Look up the 'reduce, reuse, reanimate' for all the necromancers out there

5.4 adds support for the exfat! Pro X15 brings the Turing, 0.1.0 is ready for public consumption, and fails an important test.


It's alright foxy, one does sometimes get a 'get off my lawn' moment.
And the unfathomable disbelief of what other people seem to think is logical.

Irrational beings they be.

Microsoft did advertise at cppcon about the remote and pair programming options in VS Code as well as vs2019.

I tried setting up the extension in Code but it seemed a bit to complex to fully grok in the roughly 5 minutes I had looking at it.

Strange question, why is the CPU renderer so much faster... (or is it like that because it's on lowest quality) l?

Creating an image mask in is relativity straightforward. Creating an image while retaining the original shot, not so much. Let's take a look at how this works on .


19.10 is out! takes a patent troll to court, Disney+ doesn't know how to , and a simple tool for calibrating your monitor. Shownotes & podcast bit.ly/LWDW193


A wise consideration. I got a cheap ssd just for /var/tmp/portage and /usr/portage (minus distfiles, which still is on a larger spinning WD drive

I only have the note8, which was just a generation too old to support DeX.

Although my SO does have the note9, this just means we will not be a DeX household ;)

Shadow Of Mordor get a beta! Jackbox Party Pack counts to 6, fixes DXVK titles, and is that a DAW in your pocket? Then HedgeWars 1.0 faces, the CHAIRQASITION!


It has finally happened! Hedgewars has reached Version 1.0.0! Let’s take the online multiplayer for a spin!


Don't worry strider, I'm still running my Gentoo install from 2008 :)

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