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wget e2fsprogs/github/release/v1.45.tar.gz
tar xzf v1.45.*.tar.gz
cd e2fsprogs*
./misc/tune2fs -O ^64bit /dev/mapper/vg-lv
./e2fsck/e2fsck -f /dev/mapper/vg-lv
./misc/resize -s /dev/mapper/vg-lv
./misc/tune2fs -O ^has_journal,^FEATURE_R10 /dev/mapper/vg-lv
tune2fs -j /dev/mapper/vg-lv
fsck.ext4 -f /dev/mapper/vg-lv

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gets a tag! Edge overtakes Firefox, reverse engineering the , pure-rust implementations, and streaming Raspberry Pi games to the Gameboy Advance with a link cable.

addresses the concerns around their new Privacy Policy, Google kills support for 32-bit , open-source self hosted discord-compatible chat, and big changes for audio coming in Kernel 5.14.

Unity games head to ChromeOS! Reverse-engineered GTA code is back online, Humble Bundle adjusts their sliders, Steam nukes a NAT, and Streets of Rage 4 Nightmare DLC gets a release date.

Nvidia DLSS 2.0 comes to Linux! AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution goes open-source, Wayland powered Minecraft, Steamy summer sales, and what happened to Borealis?

Special thanks to:
Oil of Hope (new pat)
E-shep (arse planter & robes)
Rtheren (chonky fan and turbo blow)

Linux Kernel 5.13 is packed with cool features! Audacity Jacks up their latest release, Canonical launches Blender LTS support, and Microsoft forgets about Skype, again.

I've finally made a goal of mine.
Randomize the landing surface.
A new build should be ready on itch...

Or if you play around with godot you can clone the gitlab repo

OpSec claims their Ubuntu DMCA notice was spoofed, Firefox 89 gets special Proton powers, Haveibeenpwned goes open-source, and a flame spitting Raspberry Pi powered Roomba.

Special thanks to:
DirtyDean (inc pledge)

Everyone resigns from Freenode, System76 launches their open-source keyboard, Audacity drops telemetry, and 1Password gets a native client. Then we show you the best way to use a StreamDeck on Linux.

Special thanks to:
Rtheren (Ploop filter from the Wishzone)
Steven B (new patron)
DOOM2.WAD (new patron)
FlutterShy2077 (5K bits)

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Neverwinter to bring you a game which came out 2 years later and is somehow much worse!

It's Sacred Gold! It finally works "properly" thanks to the fine folks working on . Come have a gander:

The Smach Z project calls it quits! GabeN mentions consoles and the internet explodes, Proton 6.8 GE turns Replicant into Replican, enhanced Quake 3 engines, and a new take on the GODOT Jam.

Humble brings back the sliders! Star Citizen teases powered penguins, is working on a new runtime, and Portal Reloaded & Grifflands make their debut.

MuseGroup acquires the much beloved audio editor , 21.04 upgrades have been blocked for some users, open-source firmware for your IP security cams, and turbo charging the Amiga with a Raspberry Pi. All this plus your email.

Regulations shouldn't be dependent on whether your platform is widely used or not widely used. Otherwise you're basically enshrining anticompetitve practices into law based on market strategy.

Wolfire Games files antitrust lawsuit against Valve, Raspberry Pi powered PS4/5 remote play with , poisons the cryptominer well, tips for X4 Foundations modding on , and cautionary tale about new releases and Proton.

Ubuntu and Fedora have fresh distros for you to play with! Blender nukes OpenCL from orbit, Kernel 5.12 gets official support for DualSense, adding a virtual KVM with Barrier, and GUI app support launches for Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Special thanks to:
Minus9 (new patreon)
Strider (SDD from the Pedro wishzone)
Mfoxdog (RDR2 & The Henry Stickmin Collection steam gifts)

Steam Playtest exits beta! Vkd3d gets them rays, why the Metro Exodus port was less than stellar, and testing Replicant with the latest Experimental.

Here comes #GodotEngine 3.3, paving the way for many exciting 3.x updates while we wait for Godot 4!

This release has countless bugfixes and new features to make Godot 3 a stable, reliable and high-performance #opensource game engine.

The Minnesota Department of Computer Science & Engineering learns not to experiment on kernel developers, Slackware comes out of hibernation, KDE Neon adds an off switch, and getting vertical with GNOME 40.

Now with Godot 3.3 hot off the press, I went through my Lunar Lander's first engine update.

It wasn't terrible but it seems like I have a different notion of what true and false is with regards to testing if a variable is null.

Anyhow, I again made Godot do what I wanted. And there's a new build ready and it has a few UI improvements as well. Check it out here:

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