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We got the touch. We've got the power. We've got the Wang. On linux.

Fuzzy men giving you fuzzy footage of fuzzy gameplay. On linux! What more could you want?

One doesn't become a viking. One goes viking. Anyways, here's some fuzzy animals on linux

You gotta dungeon crawl before you can dungeon run. We'll probably die before either

They're trying to build a prison for you and me to live in! Inside a linux system inside linux system inside a linux system

When Pedro's away, the @TheAtomicAss and rtheren will play. Or watch me play. You should too.

This week on the Thursday stream, find out what happens when you actually test if multiplayer works before going live!

It's occasionally been claimed that I am ""intelligent" or "competent". Watch as I thoroughly disprove that notion

It's taken a lot of grease, sweating and grunting but come 7:30 you can finally watch some nerds play gang beasts under .

In the tradition of LGC last minute trainwrecks, have some darkest dungeon you filthy animals

Time and tide make liars of us all. More Borderlands 2 under Linux at 7:30

Watch us turn Borderlands 2 into a fine, linux compatible, snortable powder

Come watch some men grind on the internet. It's nowhere near as sexy as it sounds

Don't have a date? Sexy linux using singles are waiting in space:

We're giving G+ the 21 gun salute. And then maybe make some progress in Borderlands 2

Listen to us bitch about programming languages, desktop environments and running out of ammunition.

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Linux fueled mayhem & madness with a side of news, reviews, and whatever the Hell-Elks™ we come up with.