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It's time for another rousing episode of "Never Upgrade Arch Linux" with your host Truggleswick

Hot and heavy apolital discourse, here on the planet Pandora at 7:30

Does Borderlands 2 run on your distro? Come join the slap-fight at 7:30

Come join us at 7:30 for the conclusion of nerds dying alone in the dark!

Come join us at 7:30 to see if Sandy can make it through a session without killing another character

It's Canada and Australia vs the Fuzzy robots. Find out who wins at 7:30 EST

In which three humans and a robot play three humans and a different robot, trying to complete a game

Come view the consequences of Canadian cannabis legalization at 7:30

Tonight @7:30: Truggy reveals all about his seedy past, Sandy gives tips on talking to police. Also I guess we'll play a video game

What's the over under on me not falling off a cliff into a bottomless chasm this time? Find out at 7:30


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