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I'm convinced that none of the executives in charge of the Pixel phones gave up their iPhones to dogfood their own product.

Great Blazing Saddles fact:

Governor Le Petomane, was named after a “flatulence artist,” Joseph Pujol who went by the stage name, Le Petomane. ... in French, ‘peter’ means fart, and a ‘mane’ suffix means maniac, together making for a fart maniac.

New Project Binky - Episode 20 - Austin Mini GT-Four - Turbocharged 4WD Mini


# If you want to write
# a block-commented Haiku
# you'll need three pound signs

The Pinebook64 is a solid piece of kit (given its $99 price point - yes, the keyboard is terrible) so why not make a budget cellphone too? Running KDE Plasma?

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