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i'm not a TERF, it's just that every time i tweet about stuff, "TERF" trends on twitter, it's very peculiar

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I'll be frank: I find it super weird that most "built-to-deploy" ActivityPub services I've encountered are using Affero GPL. Mind you, everyone's free to do whatever they want, but Affero is a particularly cross-infecting license, and seeing as I do stuff that's either not fully, or NOT AT ALL, in the open, I straight up stop myself from even considering contributing to projects because of that.

Sorry mates. Please remember to report spam accounts so I can banhammer the basterds.

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A plea.

typedef enum
SDL_JOYSTICK_POWER_MAX = 9001 //<new code
} SDL_JoystickPowerLevel;

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all right, nerds, who here knows of a native app on Linux, or a webapp idgaf, that opens callgrind files AND THAT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE ARSE.

Gods damn it. I hate nerd-designed UIs.

@strider @Orn good fucking lords what a tool.

He probably uses Windows and is shadeing on us.

@strider @Orn i thought this instance was for assholes.

On principle Brew is kinda cool, it's a self-contained-ish solution for specific tools, kinda. But I'm not sure I personally need it.

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...okay, why is this hackjob of a C++ video playback code working goddamnit

@Orn as UE is sort of Open Source now, one can hope. /cc @strider

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