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i'm not a TERF, it's just that every time i tweet about stuff, "TERF" trends on twitter, it's very peculiar

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I'll be frank: I find it super weird that most "built-to-deploy" ActivityPub services I've encountered are using Affero GPL. Mind you, everyone's free to do whatever they want, but Affero is a particularly cross-infecting license, and seeing as I do stuff that's either not fully, or NOT AT ALL, in the open, I straight up stop myself from even considering contributing to projects because of that.

Sorry mates. Please remember to report spam accounts so I can banhammer the basterds.

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A plea.

typedef enum
SDL_JOYSTICK_POWER_MAX = 9001 //<new code
} SDL_JoystickPowerLevel;

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all right, nerds, who here knows of a native app on Linux, or a webapp idgaf, that opens callgrind files AND THAT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE ARSE.

Gods damn it. I hate nerd-designed UIs.

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...okay, why is this hackjob of a C++ video playback code working goddamnit

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I'm at a loss and I need help, #gamedev lazymast

I'm looking for a C/C++ zlib/BSD/MIT library that just opens a Video file using codecs either manually/statically or dynamically linked and can "play 'em back" using time indices or something. SDL_kitchensink doesn't quite cut it. FFMPEG can be used, as I managed to carefully comply with all requirements.

I'm using VP8 for obvious reasons.


yeah well if your IP is literally behind cloudflare and you lit don't have any post, ye getting the ban. something's up

I suspended multiple accounts and yeah gonna have to lock down creation. yay bots :/

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Tell me why I shouldn't get a Razer Phone 2. 'cos I really wanna.

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