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Poking Turbo Golf Racing with the stick in about 30 minutes.

For Patreon backers: New video going over 22 years of RME products on Linux while taking a behind the scenes look at an upcoming video for the AIO Pro.

There are 3 IP ranges which are reserved for documentation and example purposes:,, and

All reservations ship by the end of this year! Cancelled open world space sim Limit Theory goes open-source, testing We Don’t Go To Ravenholm on , and Intel Desktop GPUs are absolutely, positively not being canceled… probably.

Creating the largest possible temperature difference is key to thermoelectric power production.

Gold has a density of 19.42 g/cm^3, while lead is "only" 11.34 g/cm^3.

Epic releases binaries for Unreal Engine 5, overclocking the Intel Arc , Valve warns customers about overheating Steam Decks, and Heroic Games Launcher adds support for Cloud Saves.

for is back! TUXEDO releases a watercooled laptop, Microsoft updates their store policy on , and the Asahi Linux team bring Linux to the Apple M2.

Intel shows off Arc graphics performance, Valve wants to put on the GPD Win Max 2, releases a new trailer, updated driver requirements for Proton, and delisting games for fun and profit.

Took a bit on tinkering with rtirq but we've achieved stable. The RME AIO Pro Recorded LWDW without a blip.

Microsoft Pluton adds an extra step to installing on Lenovo laptops, Canonical makes the Snap snappy, retro gaming with Mac OS 7, and what desktop environments use the most resources?

You don't need a degree to understand voltage stabilizers followed by heavy capacitative and inductive filtering.

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