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Steam blocks blockchain tech, Lutris adds initial support for Epic Games, HTC announces the VIVE Flow, DOOM with check boxes, and a Twitter account full of Deck pics.

Firefox launches Suggest, Debian 11 gets a point release, a Banana alternative for , and the best part of Windows 11 is Windows Subsystem for ?

"Wish not to seem, but to be, the best." -- Aeschylus

This is where we unpack 1 Pa = 1 N/m² = 10 dynes/cm² = 10 µbars

Valve rips open a ! leaks reveal an unreleased Steam competitor, Valve Jupiter benchmarks and SCUMM celebrates 20 years of being awesome.

Then we unpack the latest episode of Luke & Linus hear a .

EQ can’t change the polar response of Mic A so that it matches Mic B. If you Eq frequencies above 10kHz to try and compensate, you are changing the frequency response of the entire sound.

The Compellor was a revolutionary audio processor that delivered compression levelling and peak limiting using analogue computer technology. Let’s turn some knobs and see what it does.

source code has been leaked, tackles V4L2, reverse-engineered drivers for the Live Gamer EXTREME 2, and on the Raspberry Pi.

Kernel 5.15.0-rc4 /w realtime patch is up and running on the DAW.

The gets benched! 2 developers share their thoughts on powered EAC, Carmack unlocks the Oculus Go, is testing boosts, and Linus (no not that one) prepares to .

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