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We can do this the easy way or we can do this the way I haven’t learned yet.

do not attribute to malice what you can attribute to sqlite3.c

The Proton President™ says the can't run everything, Epic loses their case against Apple, developers nuke RuneLite HD from orbit, PS4 emulator Spline gets an update, and Twitch sues hate raiders.

Let's put the leveling speed switch on the inside because reasons.

Cleaned up & reworked the session used for live streaming.

Put noise in one end and slightly better noise comes out the other.

Pirating GPL software, forcing Chrome to the dark side, atomic powered nixie clocks, ncurses on methamphetamine, and NTFS lands in kernel 5.15.

At 16 T you can levitate a frog purely through diamagnetism.

Using people as batteries makes zero thermodynamic sense. It would be more efficient to burn wood.

Tonight we have a look at yet another which Pedro had been very fond of since it came out on .

Take-Two sues open-source fan projects re3 & reVC, talks about high-end gaming on the , adds a Software and Game Development category, and a gate-level simulation of the original Game Boy.

If you want to practice a I have uploaded a (dry) multitrack recording of last week's Game Cast.

IBM kills SCO once and for all... probably. Kernel 5.14 highlights, 4K recording on , the origin of blue hyperlinks, and a drop in replacement for -dl.

SuperTuxKart 1.3 release candidate is out with a Switch Homebrew Port, new arenas, new karts, and GUI improvements.

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