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In 2016 people were afraid of being murdered by clowns.

It was a simpler time.

turns 25, Portal shooter launches with day-one support, AMD adds 17 new PCI IDs for Navi, OBS YouTube integration, 4K game capture with Blackmagic, and is the new native.

Pdf looking the same is something naive technologically inept people think is true. Not something that actually is.

After 360 days Blackmagic responded to my support ticket. The Decklink Quad now works with Threadripper \:D/

Let's find out if it knows how to .

turns 30! Mate 1.26 flirts with , hacking the Eleven Rack, shouty XFCE desktops, and a POS Pi.

Special thanks:
Jim (new patreon)
Nubbn (increased pledge)

My little red rack for my little red preamp arrived.

A mysterious bag of foreign objects were included with the shipment.

patches an ‘unlimited funds’ wallet hack, Bethmasterd launches with mixed results, Intel provides details for Alchemist GPUs, multiplayer Zork, and RGB Razors on .

Special thanks:
Nubbn (increased patron pledge)
Jim (new patron)

Quake 1 Bethmastered last night on .

It _looks_ the part but handles like, well, whatever the opposite of Quake 1 is.

11 is live and ready for public consumption! teases ™, Thunderbird 91 gets a speed boost, Pine announces their e-ink reader, Twitter plans to decentralize, and a progress report on for the Apple M1.

The head of shares his thoughts on the , Amiga 500 Mini consoles with working keyboards, SDL adds support for PipeWire, Team Fortress gets the Source 2 treatment, why Valve put Arch on Deck, and the creator of Garry's Mod takes a swipe at users.

Dynamically binding, you realize the magic. Statically binding, you see only the hierarchy.

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