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changes his stance on Microsoft, embraces , 1.6 will add parental controls, and low-profile heatpipes for your Pi 4.

Destiny 2 promises to ban players! Everspace launches a Kickstarter, Switch emulator Yuzu gets a performance bump, and AOS throws in the towel.

The etymology of the transitive verb "86" is fascinating.

Love a good helicopter flyover. Especially the Chinooks.

MATE 19.10 Beta is ready for testing! is bringing to , Kernel 5.4 gets locked down, and a smoking $2 PoE solution for your Raspberry Pi.

builds an Arch! Open Jam 2019 wraps up, Lakka comes to the Raspberry Pi 4, and finally gets a Remote Play client. Notes & podcast:

Inkscape 1.0 is ready for testing! OBS 24 adds dynamic bitrates, powered desktops, and the top five per distro. Then we take a look at a powered IRL streaming backpack. Show notes & podcast

Slow motion rhino-crayon would make a proper band name.

might have to allow digital resales, Kernel 5.3 adds support for GPUs, Proton matches Windows performance in some DirectX games, and teaching your mouse new tricks on . Notes & podcast:

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