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Wii U emulator goes open-source! A new handheld based on the ODROID-N2+, Valve has an abundance of Steam Decks, wants to crack down on Switch emulation, and a new Steam Mobile App that kinda works... sometimes.

Canonical releases Ubuntu for StarFive’s VisionFive RISC-V boards, configuring a 7 Colour E-Ink display for Raspberry Pi, .NET 6 uninstalls Discord, and 30 years of XscreenSaver.

The 5600G B350 experiment has come to an end. Jackbox now has a modern-ish mobo.

Running the Nintendo Switch’s Horizon OS on , W4 plans to monetize Godot, smashes its concurrent players record, and is Win32 the only stable ABI?

Kernel 6.0 is a Ninja Sloth, releases a 12th Gen Galago Pro, 22.04.1 LTS is ready for public consumption, and installing a professional sound card on .

2 exits Epic Early Access! Steam gets crazy with Joy-Cons, simplifying id Software store listings, and NVIDIA releases a bunch of files that end in h.

LWDW Linux ❤️!

SCaLE 19x recap!
AMD 5600G vs B350
A $30 fan 28 beta on Linux
Kernel 5.19 & Linus on M2
CM4 Pi router

Adventures at SCALE 19X, OBS 28 beta on Linux, Pi powered Router Boards for CM4, Moonray goes open-source, and Linus (not that one) buys a MacBook.

With Godot 3.5 release, time to update my Lunar Lander.

everything still works... I might need to go through the release notes and tweak some more things... maybe even take advantage of the Scene Unique nodes...

Proton Experimental gets a HALO! Logitech announces a cloud-based gaming handheld, OBS Studio 28.0 is ready for testing, and Dennis Payne tells us about open-source game development and his Mojotron Kickstarter.

Turbo Golf Racing has entered Early Access and we poked it with the Linux stick. It's like a regular stick, but with more Linux.

Poking Turbo Golf Racing with the stick in about 30 minutes.

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