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for is back! TUXEDO releases a watercooled laptop, Microsoft updates their store policy on , and the Asahi Linux team bring Linux to the Apple M2.

Intel shows off Arc graphics performance, Valve wants to put on the GPD Win Max 2, releases a new trailer, updated driver requirements for Proton, and delisting games for fun and profit.

Took a bit on tinkering with rtirq but we've achieved stable. The RME AIO Pro Recorded LWDW without a blip.

Microsoft Pluton adds an extra step to installing on Lenovo laptops, Canonical makes the Snap snappy, retro gaming with Mac OS 7, and what desktop environments use the most resources?

You don't need a degree to understand voltage stabilizers followed by heavy capacitative and inductive filtering.

Microsoft nerfs Gaming on , Anbernic launches a budget Steam Deck competitor, QR code powered Steam logins, AV1 hardware encoding on the Arc A380, and FEX-Emu learns how to .

Nondeterminism means never having to say you are wrong.

24hrs later and I noticed the AIO Pro has +24dBu analogue/digital alignment.

No more RNG gain staging when adding outboard gear to a DAW.

GNOME Web is getting extensions! Dropping X11 for GTK5, Raspberry Pi introduces a $6 Pico, and is it time to give up on Github?

M.2 mods shorten the life of Steam Decks, Crypt of the NecroDancer gets its first update in 5 years, Unity lays off 4% of their workforce, Xonotic 0.8.5 brings the pretty, and celebrating 25 years of Simutrans.

"Ubiquiti" and "enterprise equipment" don't go in the same sentence.

If the sentence is negative, then the auxiliary verb is in the affirmative.

Two years of living with a , Rust is headed to the kernel, a 7 inch mini laptop from MNT Research, and simulating retro analog TV with a .

The begins! Intel Arc A380 gaming performance disappoints, FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 is opened-sourced, adding a Portal gun to Half-Life 2, and bans players from private servers.

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