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Lambda launches a powered laptop build for learning, installing from Firefox with Flatline, 18 enters the cloud, and dealing with non-free firmware on .

brings zombie mayhem to ! Dead Cells adds accessibility options in their latest alpha, tracing rays on the Steam Deck, and the Radeon counts to 7.

The best way to architect a piece of software becomes most evident once you’re done writing said piece of software.

Going to see if the EAC support for makes with the working with Back 3 Blood, live.

Pie are not square. Pie are round. Cornbread are square.

Fedora deprecates legacy BIOS, Raspberry Pi OS drops “pi”, reverse-engineering the Sound Blaster X7, and converting snaps to flatpaks with unsnap.

After a week of tinkering with Reaper on for live production.

All of the AoIP seems happy.

TSA vs Steam Deck, ray-traced DOOM, Pi Pico powered DIY racing wheels and nvtop adds AMDGPU support.

Special thanks to:
David (inc pledge)
Zeno (inc pledge)
Anjune (new patron)
Mir 30mo (resub)
Oil of hope (gloomhaven)
Mfoxdogg (fall guys)

That's 4 computers hooked into the DAW over the network using Netjack2.

Mastodon unlocks the ability to edit toots! shows off two decades of support, enters the Matrix, and 2,639 Windows 10 floppies.

Special thanks:
David (inc pledge)
Zeno (inc pledge)
Anjune (new patron)

Tinkering with on today. Needed a way to map MIDI CC (with motorized faders) to one control surface while using Mackie on the other.

ReaLearn to the rescue.

Installing on your PS4! Hypercharged Unboxed comes to , FallGuys flirts with EAC, Lutris adds support for the , new Intel details, and the state of handheld gaming in 2022.

There's a reason there are no successful sitcoms based on bowling

There were quite a lot of updates and new things being released for Linux this week! Some of it even directly related to games.

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