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Valve announces official support for on ! Open Morrowind gets a fancy lighting system, virtual conference with AMD, and celebrating 9 years of Steam on !

My game Run to the End has been updated to version 0.8.1! It has coins, speed pads, and grass power! Check it out.

Free update for HarrisonMixbus
32C. Version v7.2 includes several fixes and a free copy of the XT-CC Console Compressor. It's what we use in the studio for live streams & podcasts.

Two Boss distortion pedals + ALDI tote provide just enough weight to counterbalance a Canon VIXIA.

Meme 35 launches with a gang of goodies! Kernel 5.15 adds support for NTFS, enables EGL on X, and building a Raspberry Pi powered cinema camera.

Kernel 5.15 is out. Here it is (with the realtime patch) running on the DAW in the studio.

I don't think I'd ever be comfortable around a baby with a harpoon gun.

I administered several rounds of kinetic therapy, but to no avail.

gamers report more bugs! adds support for CEG DRM, gaming on the Zero 2, and 26 blockchain companies want Steam to unban NFTs.

Special thanks to:
ƸϺƥŦƴ (spooptacular cover art)
Mir (25x Twitch resub)

BioShock Infinite now launches with CEG DRM running through Proton experimental.

releases a slick little netbook, gets the Apple iNotch, rewriting the kernel in Rust, a trash bin for terminals, and a $1000 sound card gets some love.

Jitter and other digital nonlinearities aren't generally speaking directly audible.

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