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The 3-band parametric EQ on this antique works slightly better than expected.

launches verified! Half-Life 2 gets support for , Xwayland adds the bits, the future of graphics with Zig, and Google licenses zombie Stadia.

Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work.

learns how to Wayland ! 21.10 ‘Impish Indri’ is ready for public consumption, goes Pro, and the first-ever price increase for the Raspberry Pi.

Steam blocks blockchain tech, Lutris adds initial support for Epic Games, HTC announces the VIVE Flow, DOOM with check boxes, and a Twitter account full of Deck pics.

Firefox launches Suggest, Debian 11 gets a point release, a Banana alternative for , and the best part of Windows 11 is Windows Subsystem for ?

"Wish not to seem, but to be, the best." -- Aeschylus

This is where we unpack 1 Pa = 1 N/m² = 10 dynes/cm² = 10 µbars

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