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Making FAST! Yoinking Google fonts right from the desktop, NVMe for your Raspberry Pi, open-source Airplay 2 receivers for , and the "thrilling" conclusion to the saga.

reaches 1% in the Steam hardware & software survey! Playstation emulator RPCS3 enables support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (), mysteriously works with ProtonGE, and a predictable end to the 3DFX announcement.

Here we have running on Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu using Proton 6.14-GE-2. No, we don't know why (or if) Easy Anti-Cheat ()is working. Our best guess is that' it's enable but not currently enforcing. Outside of that mystery it's running like a champ.

is giving away a $10,000 PC! threatens to return from the dead, tackles HiDPI on X11, Windows as a service is now a thing, and official SATA support for the .

Getting setup to record Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday. Will be live on Twitch around 3PM.

100% of trampoline accidents occur when 1 or more people are present.

The French language has one rule.

It's extremely simple.

this rule has 50 exception

In many cases, deals with demons can be done verbally, but require a special kind of ritual first. An example of this is agreeing to a demonic deal at a windy crossroads.

You can use unions in C for grouping things into namespaces.

3DFX returns from the dead! Half-Life 2: Remastered Collection is coming to Steam, Proton GE adds support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), and why installing Windows 10 on your Steam Deck will end in tears.

Special thanks to:
Back (new pat)
Fluttershy2077 (5000 bits)

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