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Before I proceed to the contents of this e-mail I would very much like to inform you that it has been typed by using my middle finger exclusively.

LUFS is an approximation of perceived loudness based on general psychoacoustic models. There will be cases where the approximation is wrong.

development kits begin to ship! Nvidia demos RTX on ARM running Arch, does something about DMCA notices, AMD FSR comes to , and the best Raptor dating simulator of 2021.

Ever wanted to practice mixing a podcast? Here are the unprocessed stems from LGC episode 466.

Soon there'll be emulations of vintage emulations of vintage plug-ins.

announces a powered handheld that can double as a desktop, brings back volume controls for ALSA, Nvidia makes Blender less blinky on Wayland, and a $26 smartwatch that you might actually want.

That's what an episode of Linux Game Cast would look like if you ordered it from Ikea.

Everything we know about the ! adds a tag, our take on the Mr. X Nightmare DLC, bringing portals to a FPS fight, and streaming games to the GBA because reasons.

How many kids are going to end up with a Stream Deck this December.

gets a tag! Edge overtakes Firefox, reverse engineering the , pure-rust implementations, and streaming Raspberry Pi games to the Gameboy Advance with a link cable.

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