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gets a tag! Edge overtakes Firefox, reverse engineering the , pure-rust implementations, and streaming Raspberry Pi games to the Gameboy Advance with a link cable.

Big performance gains for DX12 titles in the latest ! Amazon gives the Foundation wood, new nvenc speeds up , Fantasy Strike gets a facelift, and what makes a game HD?

Audio issues on Linux are inversely proportional to knowing what the hell you are doing.

addresses the concerns around their new Privacy Policy, Google kills support for 32-bit , open-source self hosted discord-compatible chat, and big changes for audio coming in Kernel 5.14.

Unity games head to ChromeOS! Reverse-engineered GTA code is back online, Humble Bundle adjusts their sliders, Steam nukes a NAT, and Streets of Rage 4 Nightmare DLC gets a release date.

This hipster EQ works a treat in the last stage ...if you don't mind a bit of pray & sweep.

Linux Kernel 5.13 is packed with cool features! Audacity Jacks up their latest release, Canonical launches Blender LTS support, and Microsoft forgets about Skype, again.

Managed to get the ACM70 leveling amplifier worked into the podcast stack in a meaningful way.

Q: When should you normalize an audio track?

A: In 1997

Nvidia DLSS 2.0 comes to Linux! AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution goes open-source, Wayland powered Minecraft, Steamy summer sales, and what happened to Borealis?

Special thanks to:
Oil of Hope (new pat)
E-shep (arse planter & robes)
Rtheren (chonky fan and turbo blow)

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