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Linux Kernel 5.13 is packed with cool features! Audacity Jacks up their latest release, Canonical launches Blender LTS support, and Microsoft forgets about Skype, again.

Managed to get the ACM70 leveling amplifier worked into the podcast stack in a meaningful way.

Q: When should you normalize an audio track?

A: In 1997

Nvidia DLSS 2.0 comes to Linux! AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution goes open-source, Wayland powered Minecraft, Steamy summer sales, and what happened to Borealis?

Special thanks to:
Oil of Hope (new pat)
E-shep (arse planter & robes)
Rtheren (chonky fan and turbo blow)

Condenser mics have a greater Sensitivity BUT Sensitivity isn't what you think it means. Sensitivity is just a transfer factor in V/Pa.

As the quarantine drags on, you may find yourself to begin cleaning pet turtles. Resist this urge.

"No problem is so formidable that you can't walk away from it." -- C. Schulz

enables support for OpenGL and Vulkan rendering on ! Intel releases sluggish microcode, bringing the AUR to , and what happened to the Microsoft repos?

People would watch a movie that was just Nic riding around on a huge pig hitting random people with an old parking meter.

Left 4 Dead 2 gets the treatment! is finally playable on , ultra-wide Super Mario, and getting audio from your HDMI capture card or webcam in OBS.

The notion that plugins are less organic than solid-state electronics is pretty dubious in 2021.

Letting the ACM510A compressor/limiter/expander battle Jordan this morning. The true test of a dynamics plugin.

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