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Slipknot is the band you have to deal with to see your favorite band open for.

The end result of my Reaper experiment. Digital mixer for the 5 computers in the studio. Might test it in production this evening, might. Fire

If you ever need to convert a directory of *.wav files into *.mp3

for f in *.wav; do ffmpeg -i "$f" -c:a libmp3lame -b:a 320k "${f/%wav/mp3}"; done

The universe of 40K was supposed to be an over-the-top parody, right?

has a new CLA that nobody likes, begins hijacking channels, DMCA takedown notices for , and controlling OBS with a Raspberry Pi powered StreamDeck.

Most of what people believe in audio engineering is cargo cult nonsense, not engineering.

We have moved the LinuxGameCast IRC to Libra Chat. It is now linked with our Twitch and Discord chat.

When you see Sean Bean die in a film that is just the cinematic universe re-establishing balance.

Proton GE adds support for Legendary Edition! 35 threatens to replace SDL 1.2, porting Outer Wonders to , and Valve reminds everyone where that 30% goes.

Everyone resigns from Freenode, System76 launches their open-source keyboard, Audacity drops telemetry, and 1Password gets a native client. Then we show you the best way to use a StreamDeck on Linux.

Special thanks to:
Rtheren (Ploop filter from the Wishzone)
Steven B (new patron)
DOOM2.WAD (new patron)
FlutterShy2077 (5K bits)

It's all fun and games until Sharon Stone is trying to kill you on Mars

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Neverwinter to bring you a game which came out 2 years later and is somehow much worse!

It's Sacred Gold! It finally works "properly" thanks to the fine folks working on . Come have a gander:

The Smach Z project calls it quits! GabeN mentions consoles and the internet explodes, Proton 6.8 GE turns Replicant into Replican, enhanced Quake 3 engines, and a new take on the GODOT Jam.

New pre-pre SUPER Showzen for patrons. Calculating terminal velocity, shopping for satanic furniture, future guitar tech, and unconventional uses for 3D printers.

There's some weird stuff on Ebay. It's amazing what pops up in the list when you're looking for life-sized Antonio Banderas blowup doll.

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