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The Minnesota Department of Computer Science & Engineering learns not to experiment on kernel developers, Slackware comes out of hibernation, KDE Neon adds an off switch, and getting vertical with GNOME 40.

In 2009 released a powered single‑channel audio interface in a fingerprint magnet plastic enclosure. It featured a mono input, stereo output and built‑in microphone, as well as a multi‑function encoder knob. In 2021 it barely works with macOS and don't even think about using it with Windows 10. Let's find out of it knows how to .

After an Epic wait Metro Exodus comes to ​! Commandos 2 gets a slick HD remake, modders discover a co-op mode in Binding of Isaac: Repentance, ​ fixes a log standing vulnerability, and ​ gaming with MiSTer.

​ takes a crack at the ​ Desktop, support for the Apple M1 is headed to kernel 5.13, ​ gets a fancy new installer, and a Pie powered webcam made of nightmares.

'When you're older that's going to.....'

Best excuse for boring people to do nothing.

I don't have an MBA. So my opinions on how to piss away hundreds of millions of dollars will never be realized.

adds support for Hellfire! CS:GO gets investigated by the FBI, Streets of Rage 4 DLC details revealed, unlocking vGPU functionality on Geforce and Quadros, and new drivers for .

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