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You don't need to match impedances when coupling voltage, only power. A low impedance source will be more than happy to drive a high impedance load.

Eighteen years later is still churning out the DSP 9632. I managed to yoink one on eBay so let's find out if this critter knows how to in 2021.

We're taking a break from Disco Elysium to dick around with some Maybe we'll find out what the deal with that spooky bread is

4.2 nukes youtube-dl, 20.04.2 gets kernel 5.8 super powers, capturing gestures with Touché, and surprise Microsoft repos for Raspberry Pi OS.

If you cut Alaska in half, Texas goes from second biggest state to third biggest state.

Gordon Ramsay esque TV show called IT Nightmares.

1.12% faster == "crushing"

Guessing Apple informed them that there will be no new iNtel powered iDevices.

CRS3xx switches in RouterOS mode are programmed entirely from the Bridge section, while CRS1xx and CRS2xx switches require an awkward situation where you do some work in the Bridge section but most work in the Switch section.

My adventures with the PCI RME 9632 is done... ish. Preview/review video will be up for patrons later today.

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