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Flash isn't dead. It's recharging in the Speed Force.

I imagine the C level discussion at IBM back in the 1970's - "Intel? They make chips, here at IBM we sell systems to Fortune 500 companies. Intel sells chips to hobbyists. Completely different market and customers. The future is ours gentleman."

"Supernatural" is a null word. -- Robert Heinlein

A handy tool for installing apps, Rocky Linux roadmaps, streaming with NymphCast, and Raspberry Pi PCIe compatibility. All this, plus your emails.

LTC (Linear Time Code) is a Manchester encoded, frequency modulated signal that carries both clock and time. It is possible to extract absolute position data and speed from it.

We have a surprisingly large show for you this week. launches the Winter sale, Experimental gets spacial audio, Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat hits 1.0, rolling your own streaming service with OSP, and the benefits of porting your game to .

4.16 is ready for public consumption! The latest version of Kdenlive comes packed with exciting new features, a Raspberry Pie filled with lasers, and we chat with Joel Pauling, Senior Solutions Architect at about the future of Stream and some of the FUD surrounding it.

Pedro is doing something with 3 on . We’re not quite sure what, but here’s the footage.

The problem with omens is that they never come with an illustrated pamphlet explaining what they mean.

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