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If you have a ADAT or S/PDIF DAC that provides clock source you don't want it going idle.

You can prevent that by commenting out

'-module module-suspend-on-idle'

in /etc/pulse/

enables support for Death Stranding! Beyond a Steel Sky comes to , Nvidia shuts down Turing, and Nyrna adds a pause button to all the thing.


People trying to blame cattle mutation on UFO'S. Don't be silly, is vampires.

One of the many fantastic things about is being able to make use of all the recording interfaces no longer supported by Win10/OSX.

1 meter network migration (bottom to top of rack) complete. And there it shall remain because reasons.

Writing Vulkan clients that work on Wayland is relatively easy and well tested, but I'm not sure what happens when QT joins the party.

Linus kisses AVX goodbye, torrenting comes to the browser, Canonical Flutters, and easy undervolting for Intel CPUs. Then we watch an Arduino run a NES emulator.

Cheesemaking and taxidermy: both fascinating learned skills and artforms, hardly interchangeable.

It's important to remember that -18 dBFS is a peak level, and 0 dBVU is a VU (average) level. So peaking at - 18 dBFS can mean a VU level a LOT lower than a VU of 0 dBVU. Conversely, a VU level of -18 dB in the digital worlds can mean a peak level a LOT higher than -18 dBFS. ALl to say, peaking at -18 dBFS and hitting a VU of 0 dBVU are different levels.

Back with another interface vs. video for the internets. It's in preview for Patreons but will go public this Friday.

Huttese and Klingon should be on Google Translate

And this is how we cool the uncomfortably warm Decklink Quad capture heater.

VKD3D-Proton aims to tackle , canceled projects come to light, Nvidia drops support for their capture interface, and the powered Atari VCS gets a ship date. Then BE-A Walker faces, the CHAIRQASITION!

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