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Pro tip: The trick is removing electricity from the equation as soon as possible.

A happy little audio switch for the studio. It didn't explode during LWDW.

Why doesn't Gandalf, the largest of the fellowship, not simply eat the hobbits?

P.T. comes to Half-Life Alyx, EA returns to Steam, Nvidia 3080 leaks blow, and Supraland considers pulling their untested builds.

Zombie Beavers is an under-rated modern horror C-movie

Cleaned up the way the studio mixer was doing mix minus by using a gang of aux sends.

Keeps most of the routing internal.

Far as I know, calling someone a hipster isn’t slander, no matter how much they may hate it.

This week we take a look at a Python powered desktop. It's the stuff of nightmares.

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We’ve come to calling it Weeb Souls but that didn’t stop Pedro from loving the absolute snot out of it. Watch him take it for a spin on using the power of .

Don't clip the master fader. That's it. The end. There is no magic number to mix to. Mix it so it sounds good without clipping the master fader. THAT'S IT.

comes to the browser! Steam prepares their cloud gaming service, GamerOS 18 adds support for Neo Geo, and why is killing native gaming.

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