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Fedora is coming to Lenovo laptops! Debian purges ancient drivers, Kdenlive gets Pixar powers, and Microsoft sets a release date for Edge on Linux.

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Science is what happens when preconception meets verification.

Half-Life: Alyx gets a Linux depot! Darkest Dungeon introduces PvP battles, Into the Breach goes native, and NVIDIA releases danger drivers.

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After watching several videos I thought it would be fun to see how the open-source broadband noise reduction plugin Noise-Repellent fairs against Fan McFanface. It's cross-platform and works with , Mac, and Windows.

RTX Voice is neat but I needed to test it against the open-source alternative on .

Idiocracy was supposed to remain humorous, not serve as a warning.

20.04 prepares to launch! Jitsi learns how to , QR file transfer from the terminal, and CUDA powered avatars for and Skype.

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On episode 400, yes, 400...

Indivisible gets couch co-op! Steam has an upcoming Game Festival, Playing Half-Life without VR, and custom goodness.

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Heat excursions and a wee too much calcium will lead to sodium alginate gelling.

AV has a new release! goes full-lemur, Window Maker gets an update, and open-source virtual backgrounds for webcams.

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The glucosinolates that give mustard its flavor were evolved by the cabbage family as a defense mechanism against caterpillars.

This information could very well save your life one day.

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