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Let’s Encrypt issues their billionth cert! UKUI 3.0 goes full Windows, teaching old MIDI new tricks, and 8 things you might not know about your Raspberry Pi.

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What this planet needs is a good five dollar plasma weapon.

Steam finally learns how to search! Golf With Your Friends threatens to leave Early Access, GOG updates their refund policy, and we have the first Smach Z delay of 2020!


Private Network enters closed beta! learns how to Jack, transforms 3D, and the Raspberry Pi 4 pulls a sneaky.

Pilot episode of Interfacing has been posted for our beautiful party Patreons. Yes, I play guitar ...poorly.

Nothing some neutrally buoyant soap bubbles won't fix.

Rescued a (mostly) working 2001 Mackie Master Control. Let's see of we can get it working with under , Mmkay.

Positing that space is described by a curved metric is one thing. The Lorentz invariance of Maxwell's Equations is itself a big clue towards what we call Special Relativity.

exclusive gaming platform incoming! fixes mfplat, PAYDAY 2 nukes drills, improves RadV, and SDL controller drama.

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And so concludes the tale of the boy who wanted a guitar that remained in tune.

is hiring! Lenovo expands their lineup, Blender simulates balloons, and goes fast.

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Who past the 19th century has ever actually used the word "besotted"?

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