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Nothing screams holiday cheer like Open Morrowind on . Live for you viewing enjoyment, right meow.

The Steamy Winter sale is upon us! Life is Strange 2 comes to , Eggroll powered fixes for V, ceiling watches you , and a working driver for your Xbox One wireless dongle. Show notes & podcast:

Stupidity is but the inoculant of idle thoughts.

The Worst open-source innovations if the decade! launches Server, Google blocks browsers, and a Pi powered virtual assistant.

Creating a duplicate of a biological product (biosimilar) is complicated and expensive.

Arts & Crafts day in the studio. Our ethernoodle audio setup learned a new trick... that will be tested in production tomorrow night 🔥

Pedro has a new sword. He shall now talk about it for a little over an hour, why trying to steal a helmet. OpenMW on Pt.13.

The classical friction model states that limiting friction is equal to friction coefficient x normal contract force.

I like to think of it as, optional.

releases for ! Firefox gets picture-in-picture, Disney dials back DRM on the desktop, and Canonical wold like your input on 20.04 LTS. Notes&Podcast

Black Mesa releases a complete beta! Quake maps invade , playing on , and has an open-source announcement, kinda.

Out of all the minerals cobalt is the least trustworthy.

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